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i sometimes can’t believe how fortunate i am

I like how on Tumblr we all have lots of sass but in real life we can’t say hi without fucking up.

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perfect! oh my god
The same guy that wanted me to have his favorite bike that he restored, died tonight because there was a shooting and my mom asked him to look for me because she didn’t know where I was. He got shot in the process and was rushed to the emergency room and passed away a couple of hours ago.. Alot of you might read this and laugh because what’s the point in posting this if he can’t even see it? Well the answer is I posted this because I don’t know what to say & I don’t know how to feel. This man had a wife and kids but put his life in danger to look for ME.. Please pray for his family everyone. There’s a car wash tmr on Knott if anyone wants more info on it please text me. Rest in Paradise Luis you didn’t deserve to go so soon…
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